Feedback – Questions asked by Merchant Navy

  1. Explain refrigeration cycle
  2. questions on convex,concave-lens and mirror
  3. Questions on AC Current,Hertz
  4. PV Diagram
  5. why are differentials used in vehicles
  6. How does a thermometer work (expansion of mercury
  7. what is the difference between a new and old pressure cooker
  8. Properties of ice at zero degree
  9. Questions on surface tension
  10. Newtons law,Pascals law,Thermodynamics laws
  11. Some questions were also of aptitude(trains,hour and minute clock,simple interest
  12. Questions on scalar ,vector,addition  of vectors
  13. To find weight of water if volume is given
  14. Tell about yourself is common in both technical and HR interview
  15. What will happen if petrol is added to diesel vehicles
  16. What is compression ratio

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