Hiremee drive on 6th March at Sahyadri

Steps to take AI Proctored Assessment:

1.       Candidate has to download HireMee Mobile App using below URL or
Google play /IOS app store.

2.       Register by entering their Name, E Mail Id and Contact Number.

3.       OTP will be sent to both mail id and contact number, candidate
should validate.

4.       Candidate will sign in, and then fill his/her Personal and
Education details.

5.       Post updating the profile in dashboard we have the option to to
take the HireMee assessment, candidate will click and start the assessment.


Read below instructions carefully before taking Assessment

.         Check the front camera before taking the assessment, should be in
a working condition. Do not close/shut off the front camera manually once
the test begins.

.         Make sure your mobile battery is fully charged before starting the

.         Active internet connectivity minimum 1 MBPS required for
assessment. Make sure your internet is working (preferably 3G,4G).

.         This assessment will be active for 7 days after the registration
and assessment can be taken between 7AM – 8PM on any of these days.

.         Candidate will be given 3 chances to resume the assessment he/she
should complete the assessment in given time.

.         Candidate should complete the assessment on the same day once
he/she starts the assessment.

.         Candidate can take the assessment only in Hiremee APP not in web.

.         Assessment results will be shared after 24 working hrs to
candidate and college login.

.         While taking the Assessment Candidate should make sure that only
his/her face is Visible from the beginning of the Assessment till the End.

.         During the assessment apart from the candidate face, if any other
face is captured system will consider as a malpractice & candidate ID will
be blocked, results will not be displayed for the particular candidate.

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